Through the speeches to be delivered by high-level keynote speakers and coverage of latest trendy topics, one can easily be immersed in the influencer marketing world through the event.


Building new partnerships with C- level executives, attending B2B meetings, and cooperating with investors for your brands are just some of the networking opportunities that our platform will provide you.


This year, things are set to be even bigger and better; more floor space has been secured for exhibitors, new networking opportunities and meeting areas have been introduced, and lots of new brand & product add-ons are available to help drive attendees to your stand.

Global Influencer Day 2018

Global Influencer Day is a global Congress, bringing industry experts, influencers, engagers, brand and business owners together to discuss trending topics in the realm of Influencer Marketing. Representing tourism, banking, fashion, food and FMCG, health and fitness, and many other industries, the attendees of the Congress will be from 5 continents and 30 countries. Besides, corporate and brand owners can use this platform as a chance to place their products.

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    Honorable Speakers

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    AI Robot
    Willem Isbrucker

    Willem Isbrucker

    Product Owner
    Nina Levchuk

    Nina Levchuk

    Personal Branding Coach
    Tugce Yilmaz

    Tugce Yilmaz

    Founder & Managing Partner
    Aytakin Aliyeva

    Aytakin Aliyeva

    Project Manager
    Murat Zafer Ozbilgi

    Murat Zafer Ozbilgi

    Managing Partner
    Dobrinska Olena

    Dobrinska Olena

    Brand Manager


    26 OCT, FRIDAY, 18:00 Baku, Azerbaijan

    Welcome Dinner

    26 OCT, FRIDAY, 11:00 Baku, Azerbaijan

    Press Meeting

    27 OCT, SATURDAY, 19:00 High Tech Park

    Startup Dinner

    27 OCT, SATURDAY, 18:30 Haydar Aliyev Center, Main Venue


    session by CLOSE
    27 OCT, SATURDAY, 17:10 Haydar Aliyev Center, Main Venue


    27 OCT, SATURDAY, 16:30 Haydar Aliyev Center, Main Venue

    Startups & Investors Panel

    28 OCT, SUNDAY, 15:30 ADA University

    Blockchain & Bitcoin: oportunities and trends

    28 October 15:30 ADA University

    Influencers and social impact

    session by Olga Fler
    28 OCT, SUNDAY, 15:30 ADA University

    10 Proven ways to improve your attractiveness

    28 OCT, SUNDAY, 14:00 ADA University

    Blockchain: how it works?

    28 OCT, SUNDAY, 14:00 ADA University

    How to hack your inner communication code

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    UNTIL OCTOBER 20, 2018

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    Keepface organized Influencers’ Day in Baku with the participation of 360 macro and micro-influencers, social media experts, content creators and brands representatives at Dreamland Country & Life on September 30, 2017.

    Participating Influencers’ posts and shares generated, directly and indirectly, approximately 1,254 contents on social media. Social media posts and with #InfluencerDay, #InfluencerDayBaku hashtags and media articles reached 2.1 million between September 30, 2017.

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