Global Influencer Day is the ultimate meeting point for entrepreneurs, brand owners, influencers, and investors to build partnership and save the future. During the event, there will be a massive gathering of exhibitors, entrepreneurs, other front-runners in technology, national and international speakers, influencers and investors from different parts of the world.

Startups & ICOs

By getting the Start-up Expo Package, you will be able to acquire the following opportunities:

  • The opportunity to stand out in the crowd and highlight your business showcasing your products and ideas
  • Increase your chances of turning visitors and attendees into potential new customers
  • Be part of a Global Influencer Day, thus gaining access to the latest news and offers in the sector
  • Enrich your network of professional and customer relationships
  • Clearly communicate your company values and uniqueness
  • Boost your profits, as you will be improving your company’s image, prestige, and credibility
  • Contact with potential partners & enhance customer relationship
  • Opportunity for investment, finding an investor for your Startup, and increase the awareness of your product.

Startup Package

Start-up package includes

  • Opportunity to build an exhibition stand
  • 5-minute product pitch
  • Advertisement of the Start-up on the event journal that will be published post-event
  • 2 community tickets

500 USD

TAX included