Zeynal Zeynalov

Zeynal Zeynalov Vice-CEO and CIO at Barattson LLC

Meet Zeynal Zeynalov.


  • He holds his Bachelors from Cairo University, Egypt in Economics and Social Computing from faculty of Economics and Political Sciences.
  • He gained knowledge of economics, e-commerce, e-business, computer sciences and decision-making skills from

Zeynal has 15 years of experience in different business field, as well as 5 years of experience in information technologies.

Zeynal is currently Vice-CEO and Chief Information Officer at Barattson LLC. During his career at Barattson Zeynal implemented several customer and staff oriented programs developing and implementing information technologies into day-to-day operations of the company.

He with his team invented tailored School Management System for his company to manage routine and overwhelmed operations in more easy, accurate and gamified way.

He is also co-founder and CEO of two other companies named McTab LLC and benzeine LLC. Founding and establishing benzeine LLC at Barattson Business Incubator, Zeynal tend to turn the start-up into innovative technology company with blockchain technology research and implementation in their future developing projects.

Zeynal with his team, at benzeine LLC invented morooq application, which is mobile testing platform connecting IELTS speaking candidates and examiners at one place. Implementation of blockchain technology at morooq is also among future plans of the team.

He also has interesting approach toward nature of the currency and with his team at benzeine LLC researches and works toward possibilities of inventing new crypto-currency with different algorithms and principles of mining.

Self-learner Zeynal, attended several online and offline courses, trainings in information technologies and gained wide knowledge in implementing Agile Project Management and Scrum Methodology in their projects at start-up.

He is also experiencing himself at Swift Programming language, as well as System Analysis and Design.

Zeynal speaks Azeri, Russian, English, Arabic, Turkish and graduate form his high-school with Farsi background as well.