Vusale Seid

Vusale Seid Announcer at İTV

Vusale-Seid has been working on TV corporation since 2003. She has started her career as a news presenter of radio on Lider Tv, then she applied to another TV company Aztv in 2009. It was unforgetable period of time in her career. Vusale achieved succesess due to hardworking, tv communications, and responsibility.The experience of working with outstanding people, made her professional specialist in this area. These 14 years of working experience her entirely. Later, she came back to Leader Tv, as a news presenter. At present, she is a presenter of public events. At the same time, Vusale-Seid is a presenter of hitech programm in the Analytic Information Department of the Public Television and Radio Broadcasting company. This programm is about innovations in the area of technology not only in our republic but also overseas.