Nuran Kerimov

Nuran Kerimov Deloitte Azerbaijan

Nuran Kerimov is the Managing Partner of Deloitte Azerbaijan.
Nuran joined Deloitte in 2003 to start the tax practice of Deloitte in Azerbaijan. Nuran has devoted most of his professional life to the practice of local and international taxation. He has significant experience in advising both international and Azerbaijani companies and individuals on a variety of tax and associated business issues. Before joining Deloitte Nuran has worked as a legal and tax professional for several organizations in Azerbaijan. Nuran was promoted to a partner level in 2008 and equity partner level in 2011.
Nuran holds Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree from the University of Georgia, USA, and Bachelor of Laws degree from the Voronezh State University, Russia.
Nuran is currently serving as the President of AmCham. In 2016 Nuran was elected as a member of the Board of Directors of Deloitte CIS.
Nuran has a daughter and two sons.