Marina Daliba

Marina Daliba Human Capital Expert & Business Trainer

Marina Daliba is an organizational consultant, expert of the European Council on Human Capital, team architect, business psychotherapist, author and director of Daliba consulting team. Marina is a retired captain of justice, with experience in training SWAT teams and psychological services in the penitentiary system.

Marina contributes to the development of organizations in the areas of human resources, internal communications, the creation of management and project teams, professional identity, training of managers and the development of leaders. Marina and the team are implementing large-scale group facilitation sessions to create strategies, define values, missions, and develop the company. Create and launch corporate training and training centers. She gained unique experience in intercultural communications, on the border of the West and the East. Works in the European markets and in the Caucasus.

Master class

28 October 11:30 ADA University

Influencer identity: Who is Who?