Aytakin Aliyeva

Aytakin Aliyeva Project Manager

Aytakin (Ika) Aliyeva is Documentation and Communication Project Manager at Oculus. Oculus is an American technology company, specializing in virtual reality hardware and software products, acquired by Facebook, Inc. Prior to Oculus, Aytakin worked as Data Integrity Specialist at Instagram.

A Forbes-featured Social Entrepreneur, Aytakin founded Femigrants Foundation in March 2017, an online platform of more than 4000 diverse female immigrant entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized business owners, and professional leaders working at top technology companies in the U.S. in STEM fields. Using her advanced motivational skills, she encourages immigrant women to make positive changes in their lives and become successful women leaders in America.

As a Social Media Expert and Motivational Speaker, she spearheads and drives high-impact projects for the diverse community of immigrant women leaders through Femigrants. Aytakin believes in the power of social media and efficiently uses various online platforms and digital marketing tools to bring the meaningful community of diverse women together. She trains immigrant business women on using Instagram efficiently to grow their businesses.

Aytakin’s inspirational story and her Femigrants Foundation has been published on several news media including Forbes, Business Women, Times of India, BBC Azerbaijan and others. Aytakin graduated Social Media from Middle Tennessee State University