Aytakin Aliyeva

Aytakin Aliyeva Data Integrity Specialist

She works as a Data Analyst Specialist at Instagram, California office. Currently she is also the founder of Femigrants Foundation and is a Forbes featured entrepreneur.

As a Social Media Expert and Motivational Speaker, she spearheads and drives high-impact to the diverse community of immigrant women entrepreneurs and professional leaders. She believes to the power of social media and efficiently uses various online platforms to bring the meaningful community of diverse women together. Her recent accomplishments include building a diverse community of more than 3500 immigrant women entrepreneurs, smb owners, and professional leaders working at top tech companies in the US. Using her advanced motivational skills, she encourages immigrant women to make positive changes in their life and become successful women leaders in America. Her inspirational story and her company Femigrants Foundation has been published on several news media including Forbes, Business Women, Times of India, etc.