28 OCT, SUNDAY, 11:30

Growth Hacking: Know your North Star and rise in digital landscape

In the upcoming growth hacking workshop, you can expect hearing exciting topics such as the f stages of the growth hacking framework.

You’ll get to know a significantly important topic in growth world is “Aha Moment” which plays a great role in making a product that people love to buy.

You’ll also learn more about the North star and how to use it in your business; a growth equation that enables you to track your growth rate even on a daily basis and diagnose your business growth rate using the measurements that matters the most to your business.

If growth matters to you and you want to know how to grow faster, and spend less, this could be an interesting world to explore.

Language: English


About the speaker

Ehsan Jahandarpour (Australia)
Forbes® Top 20 Growth Hacker

Ehsan Jahandarpour is a globally recognized growth hacker, and startup coach. In 2016, Forbes magazine has ranked Ehsan among the top 20 growth hackers in the world and quoted him as “Pioneering approach towards growth hacking”.

Not only Ehsan has a successful track record of helping companies like Microsoft, PETRONAS, and other big players, but also, he had crafted an innovative, practical, plug and play growth hacking framework that he teaches in his master class that enables businesses of all size, including startups to utilize his customized growth hacking strategies, plug it into their businesses, and grow faster than ever.

Ehsan also contributes to prestigious magazines like Entrepreneur Magazine (US, and Spain), Business.com, Asia Times, and many more. He recently showed interest in companies located in the MENA region and helps the eco-system to grow smarter.